søndag 22. april 2012

Mini-Challenge: Mad Libs

The Hungry Readers are holding a mad libs mini-challenge where you use the book you are currently reading to complete sentences.

The sentences: 

This ____(1)____ is ____(2)____!  ____(3)____  has never ____(4)____ so much.

The ____(5)____ I'm currently ____(6)____ is ____(7)____ and ____(8)____.

When this is over, I will ____(9)____ for ____(10)____.

My results using Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler:

This cat is gleaming!  Missy has never practiced so much.

The dragon I'm currently glinting is old and red.

When this is over, I will rebuild for six months.

If I tried to get my cats gleaming, I'm pretty sure they'd be growling:

The glinting dragon (is colour blind and a heavy user of anti-wrinkle cream):

Heh. I'm easily amused when tired. It might take six months to recover. ;p

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